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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in Cate's LiveJournal:

Friday, August 29th, 2003
7:02 pm
packing up
my stuff is strewn all over the house.
i hate packing.
can i please pay someone to do it for me
the way jerkface paid keri to clean his room last fall?

our fancy picnic got rained out.
it was rather sad.
it was all about the silk tangerine dress and ben's
tie with whales.
i really wanted to see megan and josh too.
i did buy my bamboo plant today, however.

anna and i hung out last nite. it was excellent.
we went to wholeworld and i got a tasty sandwich and then
we saw oscar wilde's "the importance of being ernest" and met all of my sisters theatre geek friends.
then we made rice and watchd "talk to her," a film
by pedro almovar. i have mixed feelings abou that movie. it was fabulous - beautiful cinematography - but it made me feel really uneasy afterwords, like i didn't know quite how to feel about what i had just seen. i liked it though.

i read anna's story about eric fredin -
it is fucking great.
she uses great metaphors and has a really nice narrative.
i want to have fogarty read it.

ah i'm semi nervous about being a HA.
mostly just worried that my hall will suck.
and that scary girl - you know who-
will be scary. or should i say scury?
but how bad can a hall be when it has
hello kitty bathrooms?
i really hope ker gets put in hosmer-
its all about the burger time death matches and
reason to smile lists.

wow fournonblondes are still stuck in my head.
its been at least 36 hours now. jesus.
and i scream from the top of my lungs, whats goin on?

ugh my mommy wants me to go reseach grants with glenn's mom

Current Mood: distressed
Wednesday, August 27th, 2003
7:16 pm
i don't know abt don notts, but ace of base died in a bus accident
so desiree at the dube really scares me.
like, she used to be a total bitch back in the days of TNDC,
starkey the troll said it was bc of scottie and marshall's crew,
but then the other nite she was a total dear.
could she have spat in my food to spite me?
i'm a little concerned.

then today i went to scottie mcbeans with the chinster aka jesus (holy shit the pics of him are fantastic,) and leah fischer was our waitress. she is the total worst. when we were five we were best friends and one time we were playing star wars and i was obi-won and she was honsolo, and for some reason we were fighting each other, with sticks as jedi sabers, and she scratched my eye. then i got to wear a pirate patch for like a week which was traumatizing, but sweet in retrospect. then at the fort leah was friends with glenn and erik and manny and that crew, but she and i were never down. in fact i somewhat dislike her. and she is so nasty i bet she spat in my veggie wrap.
but whateves.

so anyway, i am going to the dube with kehoe tonite. i guess his woman, who i have yet to meet though i have my doubts, got him free backstage passes to rem. i mean its not like its radiohead, or even ace of base, but i guess thats really sweet.

i haven't talked to pat in a few.. he's been following atzberger's ex, robyn around lately. wtf? sa says he has a bunch of ho's at school. then pat totally dissed us at charles' on sat to watch fear and loathing with that chick. i was a little sad. i mean, its not like we haven't been bff since freshman year. maybe he's going through a phase.

haven't talked to bonnie since she left for school... oh shit gotta call ebright. mental notes.

i'm going to the starliner with anna tommorow. i'm really excited. she is letting me read the story she wrote about eric fredine's death. anna is still really upset about that... but she did grow up at becca's house. anyway, i haven't seen her or josie or the mexican since before i left for chitown. josie is what? three now? however old, she si too cute.

need to talk to the parents about nepal.

Current Mood: indifferent
Tuesday, August 26th, 2003
8:18 pm
today has been hectic.
i went with alexis and leah down to antioch...
housing is all f-ed up -
none of us are in bell and the roomies are all jacked up
BUT, i am HAing hosmer.
so whateves.
i have a double single and it is sunny in there.
i'm a happy kid.
plus i'm excited to see stu!

hm my throat hurts.

i talked to maxine the other day which was weird.
she is at mica with sarah... i hate talking with her sometimes
because i feel like all she does is wait for a chance to show off with whatever she's doing. only she isn't doing anything especially cool.

false! just found the chinn man, but he is being a jerkface.
whats up with this?

dube time.

Current Mood: annoyed
Monday, August 25th, 2003
1:25 pm
i got back from chicago a week ago today.... its nice to be back in bustown, but i am way excited for school. keri and i have big plans - just hope housing works out! i'm going down to the 'och tomm with "mom" -- hopefully keen or someone will be able to tell me where we are all living.

today i'm seeing some old friends from watterson, like mike zarelli! love that kid! charles' was a party all weekend and i saw betsy and yuri there on saturday... which was weird but good. talked to a. smith too! very exciting business.
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